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 Starless Midnight  ––––––––––>

When Jadey Evans returns to her childhood home as an adult, she does so with a feeling of dread. She and her mother had fled in fear, and now she discovers that she has more than just her own family’s dark secrets to confront. Her bi-racial heritage makes her the target of a clandestine white supremacist group, and she fears there may be no one in the small town she can trust. 

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An interesting peek into American history. Such quirky stories!

Our States Have Crazy Shapes: Panhandles, Bootheels, Knobs and Points looks behind-the-scenes at the decisions that caused our leaders to carve odd shapes on our map. For example:

  • Who decided that Michigan should have the Upper Peninsula when that landmass is actually attached to Wisconsin?
  • What’s up with that bootheel, Missouri?
  • Why did the shapes of our states get noticeably square as we moved west? And furthermore…
  • Why are some of our states so big and others so small?


Note to Educators:

This book addresses 23 Minnesota State Education standards in history and geography for grades 4-9. Available from Ingram.

Our States Have Crazy Shapes, by Lynn Garthwaite answers those questions above, and more. In addition, bonus chapters describe border battles that continue to this day. You’ll also learn how Mother Nature has played a part in creating our map outlines.

Available through Ingram Distributors. To schedule Lynn to speak to your business or organization, contact her at Check the speaking tab to see her current schedule of events.

Lynn Garthwaite is also the author of a series of children’s books. To find her series of mysteries for your early readers click the image —>