Grab a Book...

That Grabs You Back!


“I wish that this book had been available for my fourth grade class when we studied the United States. It is a treasure trove of information, written and illustrated in a fun way, guaranteed to catch the reader’s attention.” – Eva Griep, 4th grade (retired) Cedar Creek. MN Dist. 15.

“Our States Have Crazy Shapes by Lynn Garthwaite is a must have for elementary schools or homes that have school age children or grandchildren. I learned so much in this easy to read book that explains the differences in the size and shapes of every state, as well as the dates of admission to the United States. I highly recommend this book.” – Angie Flitter, Mother and Grandmother

“I thought Lynn’s presentation was informative and relaxed! I didn’t know any of that information about how our states came to be shaped the way they are. It was fun because we are a small close knit group and we had banter going.” – Attendee at The Advent Group

“Lynn’s program is fun, interactive, and a great way to better connect with clients and each other. We had a great time and now have a great resource (the book) to use when we want to build stronger relationships with customers and vendors in other states.” – Kristen Brown, Keynote Speaker and Business Consultant

“Lynn’s presentation is delightful for all ages. We love her book’s message and loved her displays, maps and engaging with the audience during her program! ” – Alyssa Swanson, Richfield Historical Society

“I very much enjoyed my time with Lynn Garthwaite in the “Explore” workshop. What an engaging way to get a roomful of people interacting with each other. The subject matter was fascinating and Lynn was knowledgeable. I’d like to do it again.”– Nadia Giordana, Publisher/Producer/Host, WINK: Writers in the Know magazine and IAWW TV.

“Lynn Garthwaite’s book makes for fabulous reading, and her presentation was spot-on. It allowed my team to connect in a fun, involved way, as we engaged in a team-building activity that I would suggest for any group or corporate business. You’ll be amazed at the results.” – Colleen Szot, Hall of Fame Scriptwriter

“Lynn Garthwaite delivers an excellent program about how the states got their shapes which I found fascinating and fun!” – Midge Bubany, Author, Member of Sisters In Crime